Born and raised in North Dakota, Mike moved to Chicago in 1987 with the intention of attending the Art Institute of Chicago, where he was accepted. Hoping to add more technical knowledge to his photography skills, he decided to get a job at a camera store instead of going to college. Over the course of 12 years, Mike has assisted for several photographers, traveled to numerous locations in and out of the US, as well as, acted as a personal B/W printer to some of Chicago's photographers. Initially, documenting concerts of local bands, Mike graduated to shooting portraits, events, and the occasional wedding.

Currently, Mike is focusing on the ever changing Chicago "Night Life" scene. Photographing some of the best local and national DJ talent, he is supplying pictures for several music magazines. Always keeping busy, Mike continues assisting other photographers, and is constantly capturing memorable pictures of models, weddings, and the ever present "Nite Life" happenings.


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